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  1. The Effort

Track 03 off our debut EP, "The Scenic Route"

it was 3 pm when I stepped off the plane to where I thought I should be picking up where we left off never thinking anything it's been 6 years since I last saw your face we dove right in it only took it only took a week the sound of the door was so dark but so beautiful I was ready to drive 2000 miles to start a new life I could have been the man for you but you got me thinking twice communication has always been my downfall but maybe you maybe you just forgot I called the sound of the door was so dark but so beautiful so I jumped in my car and drove all night to nowhere and you didn't care I guess Abilene wasn't where I'm supposed to be and you don't care but I held on I was waiting for the phone to ring to tell me to tell me to meet you there but you closed the door the sound was so dark but so beautiful it opened up my eyes to find a love that will always be there remember the time by the fountain I kissed you I loved you remember your parents house on the floor when we didn't care remember the late nights the phone calls the long drives I remember it like yesterday and I'm so damn glad I'm not there