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As promised we are keeping up with these weekly blogs on our website. This week I wanted to dive into what new music has been moving me lately. It’s safe to say the last few weeks have just been incredible for new music between Gates, Real Friends, The Hotelier, Pup and a new Butch Walker single.  

I wanted to start out talking about the new Gates album Parallel Lives. Anyone who has talked with us after a show knows how into this band we are. Bloom & Breathe pushed us to re-think the music we were writing for our next EP. While Parallel Lives is still very much a Gates album it is way more introspective think Turnover’s Perphial Vision and you will understand what I mean. Every song has a beautiful atmospheric element to it that makes the album sound cohesive as a whole. Standout tracks for me are Habit, Shiver & Fade. Give this one a listen!  

The new Real Friends album The Home Inside My Head was probably the biggest surprise for me. I have to be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of their last album. I always thought they needed stronger melodic elements in their music and it always felt like Dan Lambton’s vocals were always straining to reach certain notes. They took a different approach on their new record and working with the legendary Steve Evetts certainly helped. The result is a perfect throw back to early 2000 pop-punk / emo rock. Dan’s vocals are less strained and the songs are way more focused. These guys have definitely figured out the formula. Stand outs include Keep Lying to Me, Mokena and Mess.  

The Hotelier was probably my most anticipated album to check out. I was a huge fan of the chaotic Home, Like No Place Is There. Goodness is very much a different album. Christian Holden’s lyrical content focus’s around Love & Trust and those themes run rampant throughout the album. They were always thought to be Emo’s next big breakout but with Goodness we can finally just label them as a great rock band.  Standout tracks are the whole album. Seriously bring yourself to a quiet place and just live with this album for a bit.  

Pup’s The Dream is Over may not have even happened which makes this record all the more special. Lead singer Stefan Babcock was told he may never sing again by his doctor after shredding his vocal chords. The result is a fist pumping punk rock album that has everything I love about the genre. I have to thank Kelly Mason & Anthony Chang my Rain City Ambience compadres for turning me onto this band. If you looking for a seriously fun punk album that you can turn up to 10 with the windows down this summer this album is it hands down. Standout tracks include If this Tour Doesn’t Kill You, DVP, and The Coast.  

Butch Walker released his new single East Coast Girl from his new album Stay Gold. I still contend he is one of the best song writers of our generation that most people simply don’t know about. If you like the single I suggest diving into his catalog starting with Letters, Sycamore Meadows and Spade. Your ears will thank you later!  

Honorable mentions: Thrice – To Be Everywhere is To Be Nowhere & Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost.  

Talk to you soon and I hope to see everyone out at The High Dive on July 16th!! 


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