It’d be wrong if we didn’t... 

The Showbox at the market... the area wouldn’t be the same without those lights beaming brightly each night. 

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Podcast/Band : Lower Definition 
Episode/Song : Kingdom Come Get Your Crown

Seriously, I can’t imagine driving down 1st and not seeing that iconic sign and beautiful building. For nearly 80 years the venue has welcomed music lovers, giving us a home to find friendship, release passion and meet our favorite artists. The Showbox has become a staple venue to the Seattle music scene and to many local and touring artists from around the world, a main stop along their tour routes; many acts whose names are literally engraved on the walls. 

If you haven’t heard yet, a real estate group has offered plans to tear down this unofficial landmark but happily, many are fighting back and you can help! Just keep up-to-date through joining Facebook groups like “Save The Showbox at the Market”, this group will keep you in the know!

i would hate to see this venue disappear, so we are asking you to do something. If we keep tearing down everything in this city we will stop living and I am not ready for that. 


The most recent updates and news article can be found here!

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