Well, the title probably explains a lot.

As I'm writing this I am listening to: 
Podcast/Band : S
Episode/Song : Vampires

We formed as a band in February of 2014 and since then, between practice, recording and shows, we have not taken anything longer than 2 weeks off. (Yes, we've recorded a lot and released very little... we know, we will get on that!) We are great friends but sometimes you let little things build and just need to take some time to remember what relaxing is, so we are doing that exact thing. Enjoying our summer weather and life in general outside of music. We have been attending a lot of shows, going to rivers and parks, enjoying drives just slightly too far away and it's been great but we also miss each other and playing, so we will be back soon.


Thanks for hanging out and waiting for us. Don't forget our faces and say hello when you see us out and about. Much love!

Ryan, Dwayne, Jeremey and Joe

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