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Hello Everyone! 
Thank you all for visiting the site and engaging with your favorite band! (That's us... right?!) 
We have decided to start playing around with this whole blogging thing and are excited to get it going. This is going to be great for us - and hopefully fun for you! -  to keep you all up-to-date on what we are doing in and out of the studio; you'll find conversation about playlists of old and new music we are listening to, equipment and studio gear, studio tricks that we use, our setups and anything else we feel like! To make it more interesting, each week we will be switching off on who writes/records the blog post. We hope this gets you excited and can't wait to chat about life. Thanks again for stopping by! 

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Podcast/Band : This American Life Podcast 
Episode/Song : Mind Games 

A couple weeks ago we played a stage at the 47th Annual UW Street Fair, right here in Seattle. Man... it was awesome! So many people walking around, stopping to listen and many gave the head nod of approval. This is the first outdoor festival show we've played as a band and I speak for all of us when I say, we'd love to do it again. The crew was friendly, attentive and somehow kept the day on track. This Street Fair is huge too, spanning several blocks in the heart of the university district you could find anything there and for all ages. The fact that they add music to the mix is great for both the general community and the arts community and adds so much to a fair that is already so diverse. We went on at a prime time, 3:00 pm, in the prime location- a block away from the glorious corn dog stand. We had the pleasure of working with John Catlin, the sound engineer for the day. John flew in to work the event from Utah and is the head sound engineer at In The Venue, if you are touring through Utah definitely contact them! John did a great job, we know this because we received a lot of compliments. So thank you John! The staff and fair weren't the only impressive things, so was the equipment back line; DW drumkit with Meinl cymbals, Markbass amp and cab, Fender Twin Reverbs... some really solid gear. I think we were all surprised by the thought put into what the bands had available to play.  
After our set we sat down for our second ever radio interview - The host of the show is Chad Fischer of KITZ1400.com - We first met Chad at a show we played with Enter Shikari and Hands Like Houses. At first we were all taken back by how chatty this dude was, I swear we talked for close to 2 hours and I don't think he ever took a breath. haha. But after a little while we settled down enjoyed some good laughs and building a new friendship. We all enjoyed this interview, he asked some cool questions in the short amount of time we had, one being, "Who is the one band, past or present, you would love to play a show with?" - That's tough! There are so many bands I'd love to play with from the past but I'm pretty sure I said Anberlin... if I didn't, I'll change it now to Anberlin. But I'd also love to play with my all time favorite, Bleach! or The Used... or Copeland... or Mae... or American Football... or  The Goo Goo Dolls, shit... If we could open for The Goo Goo Dolls... yeah. I digress. It was a fun short interview and you should definitely listen to the show on Sunday evenings. You'll be introduced to some cool unknown bands. 

With all the shows we've been playing recently and the growth we've experienced as a band it's nice to sit back and be able to soak it all in. Enjoy the good times that we've had and will continue to have, these guys are some of my best friends and I can't express my love for them enough. Sadly/Happily, for one of them his life is moving him along in a new direction. Danny- lead guitar- is such a great friend and an all around great guy. His family has made the decision to move away from Washington state and make a big transition but one that is going to make their lives better. Danny and I have been playing shows together for a decade and in the same bands for six years of that. He is an amazingly talented writer and an even more amazing father and husband, and we are truly sad to see him go. We are also so excited to see where he will grow and where this new life takes him. He's been with us for the last year and three months and we are so thankful for him to have been a part of this band. The street fair and the interview were his last ones with us, so I'm so stoked they were awesome. So Danny, here's to you my friend- We love you and will miss you but we wish you the best! Thank you for all you've done. 


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